30+ Years of Experience

We take pride in being one of the top leaders in developing and manufacturing copper brass and aluminum radiators for the industry.
Our 30+ years of experience means we recognize what it takes to have top-of-the-line radiators with offerings for Automotive, Heavy Duty, Industrial, and Agricultural applications with specifications that meet or exceed OEM standards


Siyam Development

Our OEM division, Siyam radiator OEM division guarantees rapid, competent, and efficient development of both prototypes and complete solutions. The extensive know-how and R&D, combined with advanced production facilities, ensure our customers obtain the optimum solution at all times.

Siyam Differentiation

Competitive prices, efficient delivery, and total quality products and services with a one-year warranty.

Siyam Tooling

We develop our own hard tool sets at a competitive price within four to six weeks. This enables us to produce a customizable product that satisfies customer requirements.

Siyam Material

To ensure high-quality products, we established an efficient supply chain with the best raw material used by our suppliers. Our suppliers – primarily in Europe and North America –are selected carefully to meet the Original Equipment Manufacturer's specifications.

Siyam Dedication

Our products are our income, not only from high-quality raw materials but also a world-class production and testing facilities and a team of dedicated employees with technical skills accumulated for over 30 years of producing cooling products.

Siyam Presence

Our products are exported to more than 26 countries worldwide, with warehouses and full distribution capabilities in North America and the Middle East.